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Foot fetish is a common and safe fetish to be explored. Some people can be aroused by specific body parts, e.g. breasts, ass, and feet are no exception. Satisfying a foot fetish, and especially a toe fetish, is easier than you might think!

Find some feet to worship. If you are fortunate enough to have a willing partner, then focusing on toes is a natural aspect of foot fetish. Fun with toes, toejobs and other toesex activities can be the sole focus if that is all you are into.

For extra build up in anticipation, prepare your partner's feet. Washing, moisturizing and taking care of your partner's feet is a definite way to show that you care about their feet.

Give your partner a foot massage as a natural and sensual way to introduce feet into sexual activities. Feet play and toe play are great ways to lead up to other activities.

Buy sexy shoes and help make your partner's feet look their best. A shoe can be found to satisfy many tastes and moods. Open toe shoes are great for showing off newly painted toes, but closed toe shoes can create mystery.

Toe penetration is an activity many foot fetishists enjoy. Penetrating the vagina or anus with toes is relatively safe but take it slow and use lots of lube.

Check out toejob and toe fetish clips and pictures online. There are thousands upon thousands of videos and photos online that focus on girls' toes and toejobs. Enjoy!

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